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Otaki Museum is a small local museum on Otaki's Main Street.  Changing exhibitions display the town's rich past. Admission is free. We are open Thursday to Saturday (during exhibitions) 10am-2pm.  Read more

On 17  March Kapiti Coast District Council, the owners of the Museum Building, published the following statement on its website.
“An assessment of seven council owned buildings in Kapiti has identified two in Otaki that are potentially earthquake-prone.
They are the Otaki Civic Theatre and the Otaki Museum, both in Main Street.
Being potentially earthquake-prone doesn’t mean a building shouldn’t be occupied. It means a structural engineer has identified a potential problem.
The council has commissioned more detailed engineering investigations on both buildings, which will be undertaken within the next month.
Property Services Manager Crispin Mylne says the council, as the building owner, has an obligation to inform stakeholders and the public as soon as it has information that could potentially relate to safety.
"In reality there is no greater risk in using these buildings than there was a week or month ago. But people have a right to know that the building they are entering, or are in close proximity to, may be an earthquake risk.”
Mr Mylne says that while the council awaits the detailed engineering reports it has placed notices on the buildings and talked to tenants and regular users.
The council has also engaged Spencer Holmes property engineers to carry out assessments on the five other of its buildings.
This is ahead of a district wide evaluation of about 1500 buildings by its   Regulatory Team to be carried out over the next five years.
“We wanted to take a lead on managing any buildings that were assessed as earthquake-prone so that we could help the council develop policies around risk management” Mr Mylne says.”

The Museum Trustees considered this issue at a special meeting of Trustees on 23 March and decided that Friends and volunteers should be made aware of the situation and the steps being taken by the Council.
The Trustees will further review the situation when the detailed engineering report commissioned by the Council is available.
In the meantime the Museum will continue to operate normally.



Not Only Te Rauparaha & Hadfield, but  also ... opened on Thursday 14 April.  The exhibition features a selection of notable Otaki people from the past, who appear in Rex Kerr's new book.
Some of these personalities are very well-known, others less so. They all made a great contribution to our town. The museum is at 49 Main Street and is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm.
Group visits can be made at other times by arrangement; to make a booking leave a message on 06 364 6886 or email: otakimuseum@paradise.net.nz
Copies of Rex's book Not only Te Rauparaha & Hadfield but also ... can be purchased at the museum.

The collections

The Otaki Museum houses documents, photographs, oral histories and artifacts of significance to the history of Otaki and the surrounding district.  Read more